Popular Valorant Creator’s Take on Effective Anti-Cheat Gets Pokimane’s Seal of Approval

Several creators and fans have praised Riot’s anti-cheat system before due to its early detection and on-point bans. In fact, joining the list of Vanguard fans is SoaR Gaming’s WestJett, who shared his opinion on the software recently. However, as fans pointed out, Vanguard may not be perfect at all times, unfortunately.

Vanguard entered the scene with Valorant as a package, and as a result, most players have seen little to no cheaters throughout the game’s career. However, many fans have marked the anti-cheat software as overly strict and annoyingly intruding at times. For example, Riot Vanguard boots up with Windows startup every time and may detect and block any running software that the driver deems risky.

With that being said, Vanguard detects cheaters in Valorant very efficiently and terminates a match if a cheater is caught during one. Those who aren’t bothered by Vanguard’s constant monitoring have nothing to be worried about. In fact, Valorant is one such free-to-play tactical shooter that cheaters haven’t been able to invade much.

WestJett’s opinion on anti-cheat in Valorant gets major approval

According to WestJett, Riot Vanguard has managed to keep out cheaters effectively from his matches impressively. He also goes on to regard Vanguard as the best anti-cheat in any first-person shooter game. “Valorant prolly has the best anti cheat of any fps game. I’ve only seen 1-2 cheaters over the course of 1,000+ games.” he revealed.

He also jokes regarding Vanguard’s intrusive nature, saying he doesn’t care if Vanguard steals his credit card. Well, it seems like cheaters in competitive shooter games have managed to annoy some people more than a credit card fraud.

WestJett also mentioned how cheaters in Valorant cannot affect Radiant or Immortal lobbies.

His tweet went viral, with Valorant fan and Twitch star Pokimane also liking it. While WestJett has a point about Vanguard in Valorant, fans shared how frequently they run into cheaters.

It’s true that Valorant has lesser cheaters compared to other free-to-play shooters like CS:GO. But, cheating software evolves and may become enough to counter a present state, while Vanguard may not be fast enough to stop it.

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